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Our Story

“Carry Him.” These words were softly whispered to me. Lifting up my eyes from reading my Bible, but there was no one around. And seeing visions of footprints, logos and clothes; obviously a clothing line was being dropped into my lap, but I had no experience in this world.

Intrigued, I put my Bible down.

I was not prone to illusions but I have heard this Voice speak before. Having just graduated college two months previously with my Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine, I was pretty practical, level-headed–and completely surprised when, along with my unexpected audible instructions, I started seeing flashes of clothes. I grabbed for my pen and pad and began sketching out my first attempt at a design. The results: not so promising. So I offered up a few whispers of my own; informing God that this sudden urge to design clothes couldn’t be a part of my skill set, so I pushed the sketch away. Nevertheless that same night I went to sleep and dreamt six separate, innovative outfits. Upon waking,  I sketched them out – along with a completely new plan for my life.

Carry Him Men's collection 2020

Soon going back to college, I slowly deliberately redesigned myself. Graduating, for the second time, obtaining a 4.0 GPA with a Masters in Operations Management, I also mastered the all-important balance in believing that God did truly give me the gifts of fashion and design and now I was on my journey to fulfilling this bequest.

              I started having multiple ideas drawn of “Jesus.” And needless to say, this was going to be a a long journey. I created a silhouette of Jesus, this way it would only be a shadow & this didn’t work out. Next I created multi colors but it looked like a kindergarten drawing. I had a beautiful picture drawn by an artist representing the side of His face, but it still didn’t intrigue others, because He was either too dark or too light to many. I later sketched His face where there were no colors just a crown of thrones on an artistry-face, and this wasn’t grabbing the attention either. This took  a few years to pass. But I was determined to understand the message and image for Carry Him, LLC.
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